unlocking potential

We focus on ongoing development as we know this is the key to a successful company.

What differentiates us from all the great development and training companies that are out there:

no nonsense

Magdalena, the founder of Capital M, is from the Netherlands and believes in the directness and soberness of the culture. This culture is carried out throughout the company and its how we work with our clients. That means you will get a straight forward answer to your questions without detours and delays.

For us it has been proven to be the most effective way of collaborating where all parties know exactly how to work, what is expected or can be expected (without revealing the surprise elements of our methods) while being completely transparent.


No developing program will be completely the same. We don’t believe it could be. Markets change constantly, the groups are never the same and our clients couldn’t be more different!

From hospitality industry to automotive industry, from oil brokers to measurement companies. You might have the same goals, but it will take a different journey to get there.

We are experts at defining your journey to reach the set goal.

Ongoing education of our developers

When Magdalena was working with different companies she noticed that often the same sales training was repeated over a period of 5 years!

This is not beneficial for development and therefore not beneficial to you or the company.