about m.

corporate and personal edifier

Capital M. believes in continuous development, a no nonsense attitude and fully tailor made, diverting programming 

From developing individuals to developing companies

Magdalena collaborated with many leaders in the learning and development industry.
From a leadership perspective to a team development perspective. Gaining valuable insights and experiences.
She learned that she wanted a different approach and founded Capital M in 2010.

Magdalena’s ongoing development is in experimental- and analyticalpsychology. She has a background in Jungian Psychology and archetypal studies. She is no stranger to science as Darwin and Medina.
She uses this knowledge to create and deliver no nonsense, understandable and diverting learning and development programs.

The focus is on the individual needs within the business. Creating development programs that enables teams, departments and even companies to adapt and develop in a fast changing environment without losing authenticity. Magdalena works in different industries contributing to the success of teams and companies.