about m.

corporate and personal edifier

Magdalena believes in continuous development, no nonsense attitude and  diverting programming

Magdalena Ketelaar

Analytical psychologist and sexologist Magdalena also has a background in neuroscience and business.
With this knowledge combined she founded Capital M in 2010. A personal development company that creates and delivers no nonsense, understandable and diverting development programs based on scientific knowledge.

The focus is on the individual. Magdalena believes that success has a different meaning for everyone, therefor people can have the same goals but different objectives.

In her opinion people, life and business success are linked to each other in a way that you cannot separate them. 

Magdalena is known for her directness, profiling and making hard truths easier to talk about.

She has a way of connecting with people that will change any’s outlook on personal development with the positive result of willingness to change.
This is where she will honour Darwin’s perspective and seize the opportunity to ensure personal development and adaptation without any of the delegates becoming a bag of tricks or temporary improvements.