M. for momentous


Create more success with ongoing performance development 

Our company is a collective of highly skilled mentors striving to obtain ongoing success for companies and individuals​

M. for momentous


Create more succes with ongoing performance development 

ongoing Success

Capital M. strives  to succure ongoing business and personal success.

Our company is a collective of highly skilled mentors striving to obtain ongoing success for companies and individuals​


What distinguishes us

At Capital M we strive to become a lifelong business partner for our clients as we believe development is an ongoing process. We ensure our own ongoing success by honoring three values and four development areas.  

Ongoing learning

All our mentors believe in lifelong learning. This ensures that all programs are of the highest quality.

Tailor made

Our mentors all have a background in business and are skilled profilers to ensure a true costomized development program.

No nonsense

Our experience has proven that directness and transparency are key to becoming lifelong business partners. 


We run over 170 different programs divided over these four areas. Here your will find more insight or contact us directly for personalized recommendations


In this area we focus on your internal and external business development. From gaining market share to optimizing your business processes.


In this area we focus on your personal success. Personal success is defined by you. From personal leadership to ensure business results to personal coaching to gain control.


In this area we focus on what you are creating and how to ensure that your vision is carried on in your business and human capital.

Human capital

In this area we focus on the knowledge and skills of your employees, from your board members to your operational staff. From gaining specific expertise to interpersonal understanding.

Open Developement

Capital M is known for flexible and adaptive development programs. Our programs are frequently reviewed and adjusted to be up to date and of the highest quality.

Our mentors use their expertise in profiling to assess each and every participant. They will adjust the delivery to meet individual needs to ensure the highest impact and a successful and positive outcome for the participants.

basic sales Training

5 & 6 March
2300 per person
  • Location Berlin

Vocal impact training

13 March
1050 per person
  • Location London

Profiling Training

27 march
1100 per person
  • Location Amsterdam



M stands for different things; Mastery, meaningful, money. It also stands for Magdalena, the founder of Capital. With a background in business and neurophysiology she decided to approach development in a different way and started Capital M in 2010. Capital M is now active in 14 countries and collaborated with more then 200 companies.